There are millions of makeup and skincare products in our homes that are going to waste.  Products that are purchased and then when tested on our actual skin, are sometimes just not right for us.  From the wrong shade of foundation and bronzers, to the wrong consistency of concealers, to the wrong formulas of skincare and numerous eyeshadow pallets that look beautiful on someone’s dressing table but that just don’t get used.  What a waste.

This became more prevalent during COVID19, as the high street shut down and we had no choice but to shop online.  It was challenging shopping for new cosmetic items without being able to test something on our skin first.  Alongside this, what has always remained, is the fact that until we try something for ourselves we just don’t know if it is going to be right for our unique skin.  Is it going to cause dryness? Enhance unwanted pores and texture? Settle into fine lines? Cause breakouts? Or be so oily that it’s melted off our skin within a couple of hours.  In a lot of cases, even after using a product just once, we know the answers to these questions. 

So what happens to these unwanted cosmetics?  Do you re gift it to someone that actually doesn’t end up using it either?  Do they sit there in your bathroom/makeup bag until they expire?  Or do you throw them away anyway? 

And so, Beauty Swap Shop was born. 

How about you take your unwanted makeup item and SWAP it for a makeup item that you really want instead? This way, you are passing on something that is going to waste and you will receive a product that you are actually going to use.  This not only means that you are helping the environment by reducing the amount of unwanted cosmetic products ending up in landfill unnecessarily but that you are also helping each other.  If you have a product that someone else could use and love then why not SWAP it? And all for a fraction of the cost of buying it brand new. 

Used/tested cosmetic products when sanitised are perfectly safe for our skin. 

We would also like to welcome you to immerse yourself into Beauty Swap Shop, to read ‘your stories’ of makeup & mental health.  To read about how makeup makes people feel.  To read about how daily routines of self-care enable us to take therapeutic time to care for ourselves before we face the world.  Whether this is how applying our skincare helps us to relax or applying our makeup helps our self-expression and boosts our self-esteem.  Not everyone will agree and we know that this is a controversial topic.  It is wonderful if you are someone who does not want or need to incorporate cosmetics into your daily self-care, but for the millions of us out there that do, Beauty Swap Shop would like to celebrate this.

We all deserve to have access to beautiful cosmetic products, no matter what our income is, to the products that we incorporate in our daily self-care rituals, the products that enhance our happiness and assist in maintaining our mental health.  Let’s be kind to each other and use Beauty Swap Shop.

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