Buy becoming a seller on the site, a person needs to agree to terms and conditions in keeping with selling safe and sanitised second-hand cosmetics. 

All items to sell must be in date.  There is an expiry date on makeup and it will have a number and then the capital letter M by the side of the number.  So, for example 24M means that once opened this product will be in date for twenty four months.

Used products are allowed but you must be honest and accurate in your description of the item.  If used, then be honest about how many times it has been used. 

Mascaras and lipsticks unless new are strictly not allowed as these are not safe once they have been touched/used.   

Products in bottles, tubes and pumps whereby the skin has not touched the product inside are perfectly safe and are perfect to sell.  Used Powdered products are also fine as long as the seller has responsibly sanitised it – I aim to provide a link that the seller can click on to watch a video of safe product sanitisation before they upload anything to sell.  This means that powder products including eye shadows, highlighters, bronzers, contours, blushers, and face pallets of all kinds can be made safe to sell. Cream products of the same with screw lids, must be new.  Unless new, cream lip pencils are not allowed, only lip pencils that can be sharpened. 

Counterfeit products are strictly prohibited.

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