·       Swapping or buying once loved cosmetics means that you will save money.  This is a fantastic cost effective way to try new products and to treat yourself more often, all for the cost of postage and packaging and a small transaction fee.

·       Swapping or buying once loved cosmetics means that we are conserving all the resources that were used to create these products in the first instance.  This is a very effective way of doing our bit to protect our environment.

·       We are helping each other to have access to an array of affordable makeup and cosmetic products, including luxury brands.

·       Through swapping or buying once loved cosmetics, you may get the chance to afford that makeup product that you have been wanting to try but that you haven’t been able to afford to buy brand new

·       By ensuring that once loved cosmetics do not go to waste, alongside the promotion of responsible recycling, we are reducing the amount of unwanted products that are ending up in landfill unnecessarily

·       A brilliant way for business owners such as beauticians to stock up on products without breaking the bank

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